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By Douglas Goff, DDS
September 15, 2014
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Can Teeth Whitening Damage the Enamel?
Have you ever tried whitening strips or paste? Did you notice a little bit of sensitivity? That’s normal—most whitening treatments cause minorTeeth Whitening tooth sensitivity—that’s due to the concentration of hydrogen peroxide on the enamel.
The Effectiveness and Safety of Teeth Bleaching Products
The dental industry and companies produce a variety of whitening solutions for patients, and they come in different forms: trays, strips, paint-on and toothpaste. And these different forms of whitening also vary depending on:
·      Active ingredients
·      Percent of hydrogen peroxide
·      How the product is applied
While it’s rare for teeth whitening treatments to damage the enamel, it’s still important to follow directions, helping to minimize tooth discomfort and soft tissue irritation.
When to Visit a Dental Professional
Whitening formulas can range from mild to strong, and it’s important to understand when to visit a dental professional. If you have minor surface stains, simple changes in food and beverage choices and whitening toothpaste can help battle and buff them out.
Some people may prefer to purchase whitening products at the store, but we recommend a professional handle tough dental stains. Strong hydrogen peroxide needs to be monitored by a dental professional, such as a dentist or dental hygienist. Our trained dental staff know how long whitening gel should be in contact with teeth.
If you want to consult with a dentist about your dental stains, call our dental practice at (614) 451-1300.