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For many of us, crowns and bridges may sound like some you are more likely to find in Great Britain than in the United States. But fortunately for my Columbus dental patients, crowns and bridges also refer to aspects of restorative dentistry, where each can be used to restore or revitalize your smile. In the case of bridges, a bridge can take the place of a lost or missing tooth. Crowns can be used as a method to protect against a damaged tooth or improve the appearance of a highly stained tooth.
If you're already interested and want to hear more, here are some additional facts on crowns and bridges that may interest you:
Crowns are so named because they accomplish a similar feat to the kind of crowns royalty wear: Top something crowns and bridgesand enhance its appearance. We custom-make crowns at our office to mimic how your tooth appeared before it was damaged -- or sometimes we even create them to look better than your tooth did previously. Crowns are a good option if you have undergone a root canal or experience a severe cavity that cannot be corrected with a traditional filling. They have both cosmetic benefits as well as structural benefits for your teeth. However, applying a crown does require removing a portion of dental enamel so the crown can fit easily over your existing tooth structure. In this way, a crown is different from veneers that only require removing a small amount of dental enamel and is typically used to cover smaller areas.
Interestingly enough, crowns can be used as a part of a dental bridge. Dental bridges don't have areas you can walk over, but they do connect one area to another. Bridges are used to bridge the gap between a missing tooth and your existing teeth. To create a bridge, crowns are placed over the teeth on either side of your missing tooth and a false tooth known as an abutment is in the middle of the other teeth. Bridges are an excellent alternative to a removable partial denture because they are firm and secure when eating and speaking -- you may even forget you had the missing tooth in the first place.
Bridges come in a variety of materials, and Dr. Goff can work with you to establish the material that will best fit your needs. For example, porcelain looks the most natural, but metal alloys are strong and durable and designed to stand the test of time.
Regardless of the option chosen, many patients find it reassuring to know that these selections are custom-made just for you to enhance your smile and keep your surrounding teeth healthy. Dr. Goff can discuss these and other restorative dental treatment options with you at his Columbus dentist office to determine what option may help you smile with more confidence.
For more information on crowns and bridges, please call our office at 614-451-1300.