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3360 Tremont Road
Columbus, OH 43221
(614) 451-1300
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Chillicothe, OH Dentist
Douglas Goff D.D.S.
1132 Western Ave.
Chillicothe, OH 43221
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"Thank you so much for making a "little" smile into a "Big Smile" for me.  I am so pleased with the results!
Thanks so much to you and the girls for being so patient and kind."
-Pauline Hardin

"I have never known such a patient and caring dentist as Dr. Goff.  I honestly believe he keeps a magic wand within reach at all times.  He is great and I love him!"
-Kay Blanton

"He has the patience of Jobe.
He has the heart of a God.
He has the intelligence of a genius.
Thank you for asking me to put in words how grateful I feel towards all of you and your staff!"
-Mary Kay Henry

"Anyone who can see me smile after the completion of my treatment program by Dr. Goff would know that he strives for perfection.  For the first time in many years, my teeth are perfect, thanks to Dr. Goff!  He and his staff are an excellent team to help patients reach their goals in maintaining the best dental care."
-Sincerely, Linda Bartley

"My experience with Dr. Goff has been extraordinary.  He does spectacular work in a warm, friendly environment created by his kind and caring office staff."
-Erin Reish

"Dr. Goff exhibits the highest degree of professionalism.  In addition, his wonderful staff makes the office atmosphere very warm and caring!"
-Betsy Chope

"When I first got the brochure from you, the sentence I remember most was when it said you wanted to make it a personal experience - and it exceeded my expectations.  It is a pleasure to be able to eat and smile again, thanks to all of you."
-Dave Goodin

"Dear Dr. Goff,
I am very pleased with my new crowns.  I appreciate the time you spent to make them perfect and for coming in on a Friday so I could have them before the holidays.
I had become very self-conscious when speaking, due to the condition of my front teeth.  Thanks to your expertise and persistence, I now have teeth and a smile that make me proud."
-Sincerely, Aubra Rucker

"I have been a patient of Dr. Douglas Goff for the past 7 months.  I appreciate his friendliness but I am especially impressed with the intentness, dedication and professionalism with the current patient who deserves and has been given total concentration and consideration for my personal dental problems.  I must also comment on the special hospitality given by his entire staff."

-Georgia Gillfillan

"The one word that best sums up the care I received from Dr. Goff and his staff after fracturing four teeth - is excellence.  excellence of service and excellence of care and concern for my personal welfare.  Dr. Goff's professionalism and diligence in making certain my smile was just right far exceeded my expectations.  From the initial consultation to the complete restoration of my fractured teeth, Dr. Goff and the staff have exhibited the utmost quality of work and genuine care and concern for me.  They went beyond just completing the restoration of my teeth, they worked to ensure it was the very best for me."

-Rick Schluep

"All my life I have been plagued with dental problems and unattractive teeth. Now, thanks to you and your staff, I have teeth that are stronger than my originals and look great! Finally, I can smile during my Parent/Teacher Conferences with confidence! Throughout the entire procedure, I was always pleased with the kind and professional care I received."

Lynn Stickrath
1st grade teacher
Maysville Elementary


"I would like to take this opportunity to let you know how I feel about my experience with your practice.

I was originally referred to you for a specific restoration of one of my front teeth. I presumed that I was referred to you because of your reputation as an excellent prosthodonist. The work you did on that tooth and several others proved that your reputation was well deserved. What I hadn’t counted on was the total package of dental services I was to encounter. You and your staff have made me feel that we are a team with my dental health as our mutual objective. 

Cleanings are something that I actually look forward to because of the way the exams are done, with a rare combination of thoroughness and sensitivity. Scheduling is always done with a smile and concern for my time, in spite of your busy practice. Friendly reminders are such a help. Finally, I appreciate the way dental insurance claims are handled.

I look forward to many years as your patient and friend."

Kind regards,
Walter Luhrman


"Excellent and professional: Calm and understanding:
From the moment I walked into your office I was greeted, with a gracious tone of voice and a smile from the receptionist. The staff offered special attention to my personal situation in such a professional, calm and understanding manner.

Another situation for which I am very thankful is when our son was in school in Colorado, and needed a recommendation immediately! I called your office and was helped with references in Colorado, in a prompt and helpful, caring way."

Andrea M. McAuliffe


“The restoration of my twelve uppers was not finished until I was completely satisfied. Dr. Goff insisted on this, and it is what I expected. The end result was perfect but natural. My experience was outstanding.”

Thank you,
Doug Drukker


" I was at the point from my past dental experiences that I knew there was absolutely no way I could have a smile like Cindy Crawford. After meeting with my dentist and his staff, I decided to entrust my care to Dr. Goff, which consisted of driving from West Virginia to Columbus, Ohio for my office visits.

Dr. Goff not only arrived at the hospital for the bone surgery but also attended the surgery to place the implants. With his gentle, soft-spoken and professional manner, there was no question in my mind that he cared about the outcome of my Cindy Crawford smile. (Though he did seem concerned about the placement of the mole on the upper lip.) I have been very pleased with the results and have recommended you to my friends and associates. You are truly professionals."

Joyce Wilfong


"Not only is your Group highly skilled in your craft but you are also artisans, capable of sculpting the perfect natural-looking smile for each patient. It’s an amazing transformation! My new smile is better than I ever imagined it could be! The entire staff is extremely talented, professional, and super friendly. I give my highest recommendation!"

J.S., Hilliard